Anti-Israel bigotry and bias

US Ambassador to UN says UNHRC needs to shape up or the US will ship out…….

The obvious answer to the below headline is a resounding yes.

Does the UN Have an Anti-Israel Bias?

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations put the organization’s Human Rights Council on notice Tuesday, saying it needs to reform or the U.S. will withdraw from it.



Nikki Haley, who also is a member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet, has been very vocal about what she says is the 47-member, Geneva-based council’s bias against Israel.


“Since its creation, the council has passed more than 70 resolutions targeting Israel,” Haley told the Graduate Institute of Geneva. “It has passed just seven on Iran.”


“This relentless, pathological campaign against a country that actually has a strong human rights record makes a mockery not of Israel, but of the council itself,” Haley said to cynical laughter from the audience when she spoke of Israel’s human rights record.


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