EU Euro-dhimmis MUSLIM SETTLERS Nicolai Sennels

10New.One’ Nicolai Sennels: EU’s sick ”asylum policy”: Cui bono?…….

The short sighted amoral ruling elite thinks it benefits themselves, but they’ll get eaten alive along with the rest of us.

EU’s sick “asylum policy”: Cui bono?

The EU’s absurd asylum policy has anormous human costs and also endangers American lives. Who benefits?

By Nicolai Sennels


EU’s open boarders policy has allowed large numbers of Islamic terrorists to enter vulnerable and unprepared member states, from where they according to the CIA easily can travel to the USA. Several deadly jihad attacks have since claimed more than hundred lives, including in Paris (130 dead)three attacks in Germany and in Stockholm (five dead). The family of the Muslim suicide bomber who killed 22 at a youth concert in Manchester also came to Europe as refugees.


Inviting millions of migrants and refugees into the open Schengen area has led to an ever growing crime wave affecting millions of people. In Germany alone police registred 69,000 crimes related to migrants in just three months – and that’s just the official number of registred crimes.


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