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UK: Moment police shout get down to terrified pub goers during Islamonazi attack in London…….

Normalization of Islam 101 behavior….this can’t be allowed.

‘On the floor!’ Video shows police barging into a pub near London Bridge and shouting at terrified customers to get on the ground amid terror attacks

  • Video shows police officers barging into a bar near London Bridge after attack
  • Officers rush into the bar amidst the commotion and shout ‘on the floor’ 
  • People rush under tables as police motion and shout at people to stay down
  • Video is believed to be from the bar Katzenjammers, near London Bridge
  • Five men mowed up to 20 people down in a white van on London Bridge
  • Jumped out of van and started randomly stabbing people near Borough Market
  • Stormed busy pub, where a man has reportedly been stabbed five times
  • Six victims have died from the attack and three attackers were killed
  • There are still two attackers on the run and at least 30 people injured 

Video shows police officers barging into a pub near London Bridge and shouting at customers to get down and hide under tables, as reports of possible acts of terrorism are happening around London.

It has been reported that five men mowed down up to 20 people with a white van on London Bridge before getting out of the vehicle near Borough Market and stabbing several people in bars and restaurants, including one man who was reportedly stabbed five times in the chest.

The video, posted to Twitter, shows a commotion as people walk back and forth inside the bar, believed to be Katzenjammers on Southwark Street, near where the attacks where happening.


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