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Denmark: Political Left in uproar over immigration minister protecting young migrant girls from Muslim pedophilia…….

Yeah….more interested in the rights of the pedo-male than those of the young girls forced into this ‘marital’ slavery.

Denmark’s integration minister Støjberg illegally separated asylum couples: report

Inger Støjberg, Denmark’s minister for immigration, may have been warned that an instruction to separate young refugee couples was illegal before issuing the order.

The minister gave an instruction in February 2016 to forcibly separate all asylum-seeking couples including individuals under 18 years of age, regardless of whether the couples had children.


The Ministry of Immigration (Udlændinge- og Integrationsministeriet) was subsequently advised by the Ministry of Justice that individual assessments of cases would be required before couples could be separated, according to the report.


But Støjberg went ahead with her order, informing parliament on March 9th last year that “no minor-aged asylum seekers under 18 years of age can be accommodated together with their spouse or partner from now on.”


On July 1st 2016, new directives were issued by the immigration ministry stipulating individual assessments, and separated couples were again allowed to live at the same accommodation.


But an internal ministry mail was also sent warning Støjberg of the legal issues with the order on 9th February 2016, the day before she made the order, reports newspaper Politiken.


Støjberg cut a key passage from the draft instruction put together by ministry officials relating to individual assessment of cases, rendering it illegal, according to the report.


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