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Katie Hopkins: BBC’s abuse drama not as horrifying as fact of grooming gangs still operating under PC cover……

They are, and all due to feckless politicians too afraid to buck the PC trend set up by Left-wing academics and acolytes. 

KATIE HOPKINS: BBC’s abuse drama may be horrific but not as horrifying as the fact that the grooming gangs are STILL out there, operating under the cover of political correctness

KATIE HOPKINS on BBC's child sex abuse drama


I don’t know if it is cowardice or self-preservation. But grooming gangs are something we would prefer not to talk about. We’ve even given them a polite-sounding name, like something to do with hair care or personal maintenance, and look away. Talk about something else. Little wonder then that we have been finding the BBC documentary on grooming gangs, Three Girls, too painful to watch.


On Wednesday night Ruby learned she was pregnant at the hands of the gang. After her abortion, police kept the terminated foetus in a freezer. It was a scene that shocked viewers. Some felt sick and had to turn off, writes KATIE HOPKINS. Pictured left: Liv Hill, Molly Windsor and Ria Zmitrowicz, as Ruby, Holly and Amber, and who are groomed and abused in BBC drama Three Girls.

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