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Israeli condemned by all the usual suspects for protecting himself from being lynched by Arab mob…….

In Israel, it’s citizens fight back.

What’s more problematic is the fact that an Arab ambulance driver BLOCKED the escape of the driver before the shots rang out. He really did feel that the end had come.

Israeli Condemned For Defending Himself After Almost Being Lynched

Yesterday, an Israeli man was almost lynched in the town of Hawara, as his car was pelted with stones at close range. Believing his life to be in danger, he fired in self-defense, killing one of the attackers.


The condemnation has been furious. Condemnation of the Israeli man who was almost lynched, that is. And not just from the Israel haters. For instance, this is the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process:


More here @ Israellycool


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