Turkish government pushes ‘fake news’ in tourism ad campaign, uses interview that never happened……..

H/T: EK: “Turkish Government publishes fake article which includes a supposed interview with the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Germany, saying that investing in Turkey would be a very wise idea.”

Vice Chairman:

“I have never had such an interview, nor met these people. I have never said these words.”

Turkey puts on Fake News in ad campaign

The Ankara government is currently working intensively on its location in Turkey. The campaign uses an interview with the Deputy Managing Director of the German Chamber of Commerce. But the conversation has never existed.



The advertising campaign of the Turkish government abroad pushes new and unusual flowers. After the regime first hired the managers of international companies to praise the economic location, Ankara now seems to rely on construed interviews.


On Thursday, a whole advertising page appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which appealed to the country as a suitable destination for tourists and investors alike. An interview with the Deputy Managing Director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Turkey, Frank Kaiser, was also printed. But this has obviously never happened.


Like Kaisers superior, the managing board of the German Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul, Jan Nöther, the FAZ said, neither he nor emperor knew the text before the publication. “The interview has been published without our approval. It has never been given in this form and we have never released it for publication. ”


More here in German.

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