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UK Foreign Office cancels Prince Charles’ trip to Israel in fear of angering Arab/Muslim dictatorships…….

A disgusting display of gross dhimmitude….

Proving once again that England no longer rules the waves, if you get my drift.

UK Cancels Prince Charles’ Planned Visit to Israel

Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, was set to travel to Israel in November to honor the 16,000 fallen British and Commonwealth World War One troops at the centenary of the British campaign to liberate the land from the Ottoman Empire and the historic Balfour Declaration.


Former Col. Richard Kemp, a prominent vocal supporter of Israel, slammed the Foreign Office as “camel corps” who were “pandering” to Arab dictators. A former commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan, he branded the decision an “insult to British war dead.”


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  1. Have 1st cousins married in his bloodline? Isn’t He supposed to be a Defender of the Realm? Is He French? So little time, so many questions, and so very deplorable.

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