Bruce Bawyer: “How could Le Pen have lost in a landslide?”……

This can be best explained in the observation of how Jews reacted to the rise of the Third Reich.

Image result for jews in germany during the holocaust

Only those Jews with the means and head-sense to discern what was happening around themselves (what was being spoken, and done to them, that it truly represents societal mainstream thinking), fled, some at the very last moment. Others, who believed that they could weather the bad times, or simply refused to believe what was happening before their eyes was real, stayed. The latter represents today’s mindset, in that it refuses to believe its lying eyes because the truth is just to unbearable to believe.


NOTE: Socialism runs deep in France, real thoughts/notions of liberty, real liberty….are a forgotten commodity. Sure, there are a portion who still hold to those values, but they’re a minority. They balked when Le Pen mentioned jettisoning the Euro, let alone the EU. Like the Finns, they have chosen to sacrifice their liberty in exchange for the promise of security, and like Benjamin Franklin warned, they will end up losing both.

How, again, to make sense of this?
Yes, the mainstream media have played a role, routinely whitewashing Islam, soft-pedaling the Islamic roots of jihadist terror, and staying silent about the dire reality of everyday Islamization. But no one who actually lives in western Europe has any excuse for ignorance about these matters. The truth is all around them. Even in the remotest places, however dishonest the mainstream media, the truth can be found on the Internet.
But – and this is a fact that some of us are thoroughly incapable of identifying with, and thus almost thoroughly incapable of grasping – some people don’t want to know the truth. And if they do know the truth, they want to un-know it.

What Happened in France?

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  1. What a surprise. I had no belief that she would win because…..France. France will resolve the Islamic problem in a vicious kinetic way when the electricity goes down and there are no police or politicians to be found. It is well past the time that the cure can be found in the ballot box anyway. Only chaos and blood can work now. Islam will provide the chaos and most of the blood.

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