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Islamic (nazi) State rising in popularity in Pakistan……

It’s called ‘whack a tard’…..

ISIS is on the decline in the Middle East, but its influence in Pakistan is rising

May 5, 2017 at 6:00 AM

When Noreen Leghari disappeared from her hometown of Hyderabad, Pakistan, in February, her parents thought she had been abducted. But then she reached out to them on Facebook.

“I’ve joined Daesh,” said the 20-year-old medical student, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State, “I’m in Syria for jihad. Stop searching for me.”

Leghari, who had been in contact with extremists online for a year, was actually in the Pakistani city of Lahore. In April, security forces stormed her hideout there, killing one of her two accomplices — whom she had also married — and recovering two suicide vests and hand grenades. Leghari had planned to detonate herself at a crowded church two days later, on Easter Sunday.

It was the latest example of the Islamic State’s growing reach in Pakistan, where the group is finding willing recruits through its efforts online even as its territory is shrinking in Iraq and Syria. Even young Pakistani women and educated youth from liberal families have proven susceptible to the lure of the Islamic State’s brand of extremism.


More here. H/T: TROP

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