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Gates of Vienna: The Guardian, Quilliam Foundation battle the ‘Far Right’…….

The only reason Quilliam exists is to soften the image of Islam while demonizing anyone who educates themselves on real Islam , and resists it.

GOV: Notes from Egri Nök:

She says the “Nazis” (that is, the Counterjihadists) need to be “fought online and offline.” People in Germany use sentences such as that as justifications to burn AfD cars, vandalize Pirincci’s home…
On German public TV in March of this year she commented on the vehicle jihad in London. She said what they always say: that the true goal of the “extremists” is to divide us from each other. She blames the right-extremists in Birmingham and all across Europe for the “Islamic extremists”, because they agree with each other in their “binary worldview”.

“That’s the CVE narrative. To combat “extremism”, it’s necessary to take out the right-wing extremists, because their extremism feeds into and intensifies “Islamist extremism”.

It’s a shrewd tactic. And it’s been very effective so far.”

The Guardian and the Quilliam Foundation Battle the “Far Right”

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But first, let’s look at the article itself. It was written by a young lady named Julia Ebner, and is entitled “The far right thrives on global networks. They must be fought online and off”. Below are some relevant quotes:

…The Metropolitan police even warned that the threat from far-right groups is as severe as the jihadist threat.
British “counter-jihadis” have stepped up their cooperation with American alt-righters, French and Austrian “identitarians” and even German and Polish neo-Nazis. This is the paradox of modern-day nationalists: they capitalise on the opportunities of globalisation to spread their anti-globalist views globally.
It is within this context that EDL founder turned Pegida UK leader Tommy Robinson features prominently on Alex Jones’s conspiracy theory show, Infowars, and receives support from American alt-right leaders Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. Platforms such as Gates of Vienna, the FrontPage Mag and Jihad Watch provide outlets for all of them.
Once their ideas are carried into social media echo chambers, hateful rhetoric quickly turns into crime and calls for violence… These online nexus points have enabled British far-right activists to mobilise young people, hijack online subcultures and obfuscate the 24-hour media circle by spreading hyper-partisan and alternative news.
That the far right has moved from the fringe into the mainstream demonstrates the massive support that white supremacist movements have attracted from digital natives. Their online followership often exceeds that of mainstream political parties: with over 200,000 followers, Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account has almost the same number of followers as Theresa May’s.
Neo-Nazis outperform Isis in nearly every metric…
To prevent radicalisation, hate crimes and violent extremism, we will need to tackle the source of reciprocal radicalisation: the vicious circle of hate driven by “us against them” narratives. Disbanding groups and removing extremist online content is the first step. But, more importantly, we will need to strengthen civil society-led efforts to dissect binary world views and replace them with credible, more nuanced alternatives.

Take note of this juxtaposition:

…Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account has almost the same number of followers as Theresa May’s.
Neo-Nazis outperform Isis in nearly every metric…

That is, she conveys the message “Tommy is a neo-Nazi” without actually saying it.


But there’s more to be gleaned from looking into the young lady who wrote the piece.


A VICE News interview (in German) tells us that Julia Ebner is 25 years old. Despite her tender age she is Senior Researcher — not a senior researcher, mind you — at the Quilliam Foundation:


More here @ GOV

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