Finalnd illegal aliens MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: 4800 missing Muslim settlers, authorities haven’t a clue on their whereabouts or what they’re doing…….

Awe inspiring, a real trust building piece of news….

That’s the reason why many called for a contained Asylum/refugee processing center for these Muslim settler frauds in the first place.

KSML: 4800 asylum seekers disappeared – authorities don’t have any accurate information

Copyright: AFP / press photographers. Photo: Str.

Already about 4 800 asylum seekers have disappeared from reception centers, says the Keskisuomalainen ( Central Finland Paper).


According to the newspaper Finnish authorities do not have accurate information about the destination of those who left.


Of the remaining suspected to reside in Finland. The police will monitor the situation carefully, because those missing and remaining in Finland are staying here illegally and often without social safety nets.


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NOTE: Involved in crime because their not living off of taxpayer money.

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