ANTIFA Islamonazis

Tarek Fatah: Why don’t anti-fascists fight Islamofascism……..

Because being fascistic minded (of a totalitarian mindset) themselves, they know a kindred spirit when they see it.

Why don’t anti-fascists fight Islamofascism?


Seventy-two years ago this Friday, on May 5, 1945, Hitler’s fascist dream of a “Thousand Year Reich” lay in ruins, as Berlin fell to the Red Army, only to find the ashes of the “Fuhrer” who had shot himself five days earlier.


On the very day Berlin fell to the Soviets, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered an appraisal of “the long-term policy required to safeguard the strategic interests of the British Empire in India and the Indian Ocean.”


Two weeks later, Churchill received the top-secret report that, among other proposals, cited the necessity of a British presence in northwest India (today’s Pakistan) “from which British air power could threaten Soviet military installations.”


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