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Raymond Ibrahim at Jihad Watch: The real bomb is in Islam’s books…….


Raymond Ibrahim: ‘The Real Bomb Is in Islam’s Books’

During his visit to Egypt last week, “Pope Francis visited al-Azhar University, a globally respected institution for Sunni Islamic learning,” and “met with Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the imam of the government-run Al-Azhar mosque and an Islamic philosophy professor.” This has been reported by several media outlets, often with much fanfare.


Unfortunately, however, Sheikh Tayeb, once voted “world’s most influential Muslim,” and Al Azhar, the important madrassa he heads, are part of the problem, not the solution. Tayeb is a  renowned master of exhibiting one face to fellow Muslims in Egypt — one that supports the death penalty for “apostates,” calls for the totality of Sharia rule, refuses to denounce ISIS as being un-Islamic, denounces all art as immoral, and rejects the very concept of reforming Islam — and another face to non-Muslims.


Consider, for instance, the words of Islam al-Behery — a popular Egyptian Muslim reformer who frequently runs afoul of Muslims in Egypt who accuse him of blasphemy and apostasy from Islam. The day after last month’s suicide bombings of two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt, the Muslim scholar was interviewed by phone on a popular Egyptian television program (Amr Adib’s kul youm, or “Every Day”). He spent most of his time on the air blasting Al Azhar and Ahmed al-Tayeb — at one point going so far as to say that “70-80 percent of all terror in the last five years is a product of Al Azhar.”


The reformer knows what he speaks of; in 2015, al- Behery’s televised calls to reform Islam so irked Al Azhar that the venerable Islamic institution accused him of “blaspheming” against Islam, which led to his imprisonment.


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  1. Look at the guy in the white grey jacket in the middle.
    He is an Ex-Socialdemocrat and now a member of the AFD(the most members in the AFD are from the 3 big parties CDU,SPD,FDP-also Green and other members.Ex-Nazis are NOT allowed to join the AFD.AFD had jewish,black,slavic,gay,yezide etc as members).He(married to a Russian woman) wanted to join a March on the 1st May.He is still a worker and Socialdemocrat.

    But the Socialdemocrats together with the MLPD(look at the banner)MArxist Leninist Party dont let him join the march call him a Nazi and Racist.

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