Islamic (nazi) State designing own media apps to evade security services……..

They’ll be cracked…..

ISIS designing their own social media apps to evade security services, Europol warns

BLOODTHIRSTY ISIS militants are creating their own social media platform in order to evade security services and spread their sickening message, the EU police chief has revealed.


Rob Wainwright, the Europol Director, revealed that the new online platform had been discovered during a 48 hour sting operation against internet extremism last week.


Mr Wainwright said: “Within that operation it was revealed ISIS was now developing its very own social media platform, its own part of the Internet to run its agenda.


“It does show that some members of Daesh (ISIS), at least, continue to innovate in this space.”


The Europol Director noted that although intelligence agencies, police forces and the technology sector have made it more difficult for militants to operate online, “we’re still seeing the publication of these awful videos, communications operating large scale across the internet”.


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