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Denmark: Somali gets only 6 mos for bomb making in his basement…….

This is outrageous….only six months and ‘conditional’ deportation?

Aarhus man sentenced to six months’ prison for making bomb in basement

A 25-year-old man of Somali nationality has been sentenced to six months in prison for making a bomb in the basement of his Aarhus apartment block.

The man has appealed against the sentence.


Also sentenced with conditional deportation, the man was found guilty of making and possessing a bomb, prosecutor Lars Petersen of East Jutland Police told news agency Ritzau.


The man, who is a Somali citizen, was on trial at Aarhus District Court.


Evidence against him included fingerprints and DNA trails, reports Ritzau.


The bomb was discovered in October 2016 by a neighbour on residential street Peter Fabers Vej in northwest Aarhus.


The resident, who was woken by the sound of the door to a basement being kicked in, alerted police.


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  1. Scandinavia is infested with terrorists and Merkel is largely responsible, perhaps lack of education viz a viz Islam?

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