Islam 101 Islam in Denmark

Denmark bans five Islam 101 preachers and five of them Muslims…….

Terry Jones in fact is not a ‘hate preacher’, but someone who refuses to submit to Islam.

Despising Islam and wanting it vanquished from society (the same for socialism of every stripe) is not hatred, but sound, good self survival instincts.

Denmark bans six hate preachers, including five Muslims

Denmark bans six hate preachers, including five Muslims

Denmark on Tuesday published a blacklist of six foreign preachers accused of spreading hatred, including five Muslims and an American Evangelical pastor, banning them for at least two years.

The list includes two Saudis, a Canadian, a Syrian, and two Americans, including pastor Terry Jones who burned copies of the Koran in 2011.


The blacklist “sends a clear signal that travelling fanatical religious preachers who try to undermine our democracy and fundamental values of freedom and human rights are not welcome in Denmark,” the immigration and integration ministry said in a statement.


The centre-right government has undertaken a systematic hunt for religious fanatics, announcing plans in May 2016 to establish a blacklist after a hidden-camera documentary exposed radical preachers in Danish mosques.


”There’s a matter of principle in saying that there are people we don’t want on Danish soil, coming here and preaching hate. We do not want people here if they are coming to incite terror or to incite assault or violence against Jews and homosexuals,” immigration minister Inger Støjberg told broadcaster DR.


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