Iran Obama WMD's

Obama freed Iranian arms smugglers who helped kill US soldiers to get his ‘Iran nuke deal’……..

This pales in comparison to any of the (bogus) charges thrown at Trump by the #Fakenews media concerning Russian collusion in the recent presidential elections.

This is grave…

Revealed: Obama sealed Iran nuclear deal by dropping charges against arms smuggler who helped kill HUNDREDS of U.S. troops in Iraq

  • Obama White House dropped charges against Iranians wanted for smuggling arms, bomb components and satellite parts to Tehran
  • Other suspects had their arrest warrants voided
  • Move was part of negotiations with Iran to end its nuclear weapons program
  • Republicans argue that the deal was one-sided, that Iran won’t live up to its end

In order to preserve its nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Obama administration agreed not to prosecute an arms smuggler whose products killed hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq.

The lenient approach to the case of Amin Ravan was one of several uncovered in previously hidden court filings and exposed on Monday by Politico.

Ravan, U.S. authorities believed, was involved with providing Iran with components of bombs that Shiite militias used over a long period of time.

He was also charged with smuggling American military antennas to Hong Kong and Singapore so they could be sold to Iran.


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