France: Left-wing anarchists (antifa) riot in streets of Paris after 1st round presidential election……..

She won’t be elected, the losing mainstream parties will throw their weight behind Macron.

From Le Pen to la panique: Left-wing rioters hit the streets of Paris after Marine triggers a EU-threatening political earthquake as the country faces its first ever presidential run-off vote without a main party candidate

Police fired tear gas to disperse an increasingly rowdy crowd in the heart of Paris. Riot police surrounded the area

Protesters burned cars, danced around bonfires and clashed with police in violent demonstrations in France against Marine Le Pen’s National Front.

Anti-fascist activists clashed with riot police in Paris’ Place de la Bastille – the birthplace of the French Revolution, where anarchists lit flares and chanted anti-National Front songs.

Three people were detained in election night scuffles across the country, but no serious injuries have been reported.

Protesters waved red flags and sang ‘No Marine and No Macron!’ in anger at the results of Sunday’s first-round presidential election.

Later, around 300 people gathered at a peaceful protest at nearby Place de la Republique, waving red flags and dancing around the flames of a bonfire.

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