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US: Status quo statists and neo-statists worried about Article Five Convention of States gaining momentum…….

Let freedom ring…….

As the anti-constitutionalists mount their opposition, be sure to stay informed with our Article V resources

The anti-constitutionalists are getting nervous. Radical activists on both the left and the right who support the status quo have realized that the Article V movement is taking off, and they’re beginning to mount an opposition.


Don’t get caught flat-footed. Get informed. Be prepared to defend the Founder’s solution to federal overreach with the resources located on the Responses to Opposition page on our website.


Here you’ll find clear, concise answers to all the most common objections to an Article V Convention of States. All of these documents are also available in PDF format, so you can easily print them off and share them with friends and family.


Here’s a quick sample of one of the resources — “Short Answers to Common Questions.”


Short Answers to Common Questions


1. The Constitution is not the problem—federal officials are. So how will amending the Constitution help?

Most of the problems we now face are the result of constitutional interpretations that capitalize on ambiguities in the wording of certain phrases (i.e., the General Welfare Clause—now interpreted as unlimited power to spend). We can restore the federal government to its proper, limited place only by clarifying the original meaning of those phrases through constitutional amendment—effectively overturning the bad Supreme Court precedents that have eviscerated our federal system.


2. Article V says Congress “calls” the convention, so won’t Congress control the convention?

Once 34 states apply, Congress has no discretion whether to call a convention and no control over the delegates (see Federalist No. 85). The reason we have the convention mechanism in Article V is because George Mason thought Congress had too much control over the amendment process. The Framers unanimously agreed with him. It makes no sense to interpret Article V to give more power to Congress, when the whole point was to take power away.


The states control the Article V convention process from beginning to end. Congress’ role is limited to issuing the “call,” once it receives 34 applications for a convention on the same topic. The “call” simply sets the date, time and location of the meeting. The state legislatures control the selection and commissioning of their convention delegates.


Remember that Virginia “called” the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. Did it get to choose the delegates for Massachusetts? Of course not. Massachusetts did. Each state chooses its own delegates regardless of who calls the convention.


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