Sweden: Police were poorly equipped for Islamonazi jihad terror attack……..

How in the world could the under manned Swedish police, indoctrinated and hampered by Leftist politically correct dogma, ever be ready for Islamo-terrorism. Not having proper helmets is the least of their worries.

Police were poorly equipped for Stockholm attack, officers say

Heavy-duty protective vests, helmets, and intercom were in short supply during the April 7 attack in central Stockholm, according to incident reports filed by officers working on the scene.
During the attack on Stockholm’s Drottninggatan pedestrian street, police lacked crucial protective equipment, as well as appropriate training, officers have said in incident reports seen by Dagens Nyheter and Expressen.
Around 50 internal police reports have been submitted related to the April 7 attack, when a truck was driven down the Drottninggatan pedestrian street to later crash into the Åhléns department store, killing four people and injuring at least fifteen.
All Swedish police officers working in the field have access to light protective vests, but heavy-duty vests are shared among staff. During the attack, officers who were normally desk-bound were summoned to the field, meaning they lacked appropriate equipment.
“We simply could not equip that many police officers at the same time,” Stockholm Police Union Health and Safety Officer Roger Östergren told TT news agency.

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