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PARIS: Jihadi who murdered cop was stopped two months before with knives and scream masks, let go…….

Any Islam 101’er caught with anything potentially deadly needs to be watched like a hawk, and if necessary taken of the streets.

It’s why those of us who can still think rationally, call for an end to Muslim immigration into the West.

Police-hating ISIS terrorist who shot officer dead in Paris was caught two months ago with hunting knives and Scream masks – but police let him go because he claimed they were ‘for a carnival’

ISIS Paris terrorist was caught with knives two months ago


The ISIS terrorist who gunned down a police officer in Paris was caught two months ago with hunting knives and Scream masks – but was let go because he claimed they were ‘for a carnival’, it was revealed tonight. Karim Cheurfi, 39, drove his silver Audi on to the Champs Elysee, the most famous street in the French capital, and fired his Kalashnikov after ‘targeting’ officers on Thursday night.


He killed 37-year-old policeman Xavier Jugele as he sat in a patrol van at a red light and another officer in the vehicle was hit in the chest, but survived thanks to a bulletproof vest. Cheurfi then tried to run away with his rifle and wounded a third officer before being gunned down by a Marks & Spencer store on the world-famous avenue. Details of Cheurfi’s terrifying career as a determined criminal was outlined by Paris prosecutor Francois Molins during a press conference in the capital city on Friday evening.


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