Islam in France Islamic terrorism

Paris France: Jihad, jihad, jihad…..Islamonazis attack downtown, two cops and one terrorist dead


Paris attack: two police officers and suspect shot dead on Champs Elysees with ‘several assailants on the loose’

Attack comes just three days before presidential election

The attack came three days before the first round of balloting in France’s tense presidential election. Security is high preceding the vote after police said they arrested two men Tuesday in what they described as a thwarted terror attack.

The two terror suspects were arrested in Marseille on Tuesday and found an arsenal of weapons and bomb-making equipment in their flat along with an Islamic State (Isil) flag.

It quickly emerged that police had been watching the pair for several weeks before they finally detained them on suspicion of plotting “an imminent and violent attack” in the run-up to Sunday’s first-round vote.

‘Nothing is being ruled out’

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