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Finland: Pro-Muslim settler activist (leftist) priest leaves for Tanzania, she “can’t stand her racist country”……..

This woman isn’t wrapped too tight.

She’s also a hard core pro-Palestinian activist, who I hear, thinks she will finish a dissertation on Palestinian liberation theology one day. All I can say to her is, bon voyage and take your pals with you.

Russell Burn‏ Retweeted  to TundraTabloids: “The righteous who need to go… where they will discover real racism and real sexismisogyny. Tanzania? Bit of a cop-out, maybe? Try Iran?”

“I’m no longer able to live in this country” – ​​asylum seeker defending priest Marjaana Toiviainen to leave Finland

Thursday, 04.20.2017 at 09.56

Known  for being a defender of asylum-seekers, parish priest Marjaana Toiviainen says on Facebook she’s leaving for Tanzania.

Seurakuntapastori Marjaana Toiviainen kertoo Facebookissa muuttavansa Tansaniaan, koska ei voi elää rasistisessa Suomessa.

The church pastor says Marjaana Toiviainen on Facebook she’s leaving for Tanzania, because I can not live in racist Finland. “Greetings to the government: you won,” she writes. (ATTE KAJOVA)

“I can not live in this country anymore I’m moving out next month, I’m no longer able to live in this country greetings to the government:… You won.”


So writes Oulunkylä parish priest Marjaana Toiviainen on her Facebook page. The founder of the asylum seeker accommodating Refugees Welcome – organization, is disappointed with the way the Finnish government treats asylum seekers. She has just acquired ahome alarm system for herself, which will bring the police in an instant the scene, but the same kind of help, “for a friend of a different color gassed at the Railway Square.”


“When I, as a white woman, I’m afraid for my life, I was given a home alarm system and beeping button. (…) when they (asylum seekers) will get hundreds and thousands of death threats, no one is going to help. The police says there is nothing to be done,” Toiviainen writes and tells you to leave the country next month.


“Ruined my country”


Toiviainen’s post garnered within ten hours hundreds of likes, and more than a hundred against. Confused people asked whether Toiviainen is serious, and where she is going. One asks, “Where else can openly be as strong and brave as you are?” and Toiviainen replied that she’s leaving for Tanzania. “I’m moving there.”


One of Toiviainen’s friends point out that human rights, including minority rights and freedom of speech in Tanzania “are unfortunately, at this time a bit so-so” and notes that in Finland there are “problems, however, that go much deeper than just this government.”


“I know. But in Tanzania I’m not waiting yet gay rights or human rights in this decade. In Finland I expect it,” Toiviainen answers him.


Some of Toiviainen friends are concerned about her safety, but Toiviainen reassures them.


“I’m pretty safe. But I will soon be free of this government, which ruined my country.”


Here she is with the former president of Finland (Leftist) celebrating the Leftist ”School of Disobedience” project with her peeps…

H/T: Kumitonttu

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