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Aussie follies: Taxpayers forced to fund Islamo-propaganda used to subvert their society…….

ALL ‘interfaith dialogue’ with Islam leads the rest into placating the desert death cult.

Yet another example of jackass religious leaders leading their own flocks to the slaughterhouse. This can’t be allowed to continue, there’s no such thing as Islamofauxbia, it’s just being realistic about what Islam is and what it does to our societies.

Taxpayers to fund ‘open days’ at 13 mosques to help ‘break down misconceptions of Islam’ in Australia

  • Australian taxpayers will fork out thousands to fund upcoming mosque open day
  • The Mosque open day on May 7 will help end ‘Islamophobia’ in the country
  • The open day was funded by the Victorian Government to educate Australians
  • ‘We want the Victorian community to look beyond what is portrayed of Muslims’ 

Australian taxpayers will fund open days at 13 mosques to help end Islamophobia in Australia.

Mosques across Victoria will open their doors to non-Muslims on May 7 to ‘breakdown misconceptions about Islam’ by offering tours and discussions of Islam.

The Victorian Government has given the peak Muslim body $16,500 to fund the event.

Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) president Mohamed Mohideen said people of ‘all faiths, no faith, nationality and gender’ were invited to attend and meet their Muslim neighbours.

‘We want the Victorian community to look beyond what is portrayed of Muslims and build dialogue and friendships while sharing mutual respect and understanding,’ he said.

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