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Finland: Incoming mayor of Helsinki says grand mosque is easily stopped: “We have a zoning monopoly”……..

Not now, not ever…..

Vapaavuori: Stopping the grand mosque is not a problem – “we have a zoning monopoly”

Thursday, 04.13.2017 at 20.59

Helsinki and beyond is agitated about the project to build a large mosque in the city.

The future mayor, Jan Vapaavuori, is not enthusiastic about the project.


What would be the measure used in stopping such a project? We first recognize that we have a freedom of religion.


– We have freedom of religion, but in addition we have a monopoly on zoning. The city has no obligation to zone anything that it does not want to zone. Then we need to remember that this specific project has been planned in the city. The city has a right to withhold or not rent plots of land. And does not need any more justification, if so desired.


Why do not you personally in favor of the project?


– It is the sum of many factors. First of all, I feel that it is not in scale to the size of the Muslim population here. I feel that it might further escalate the situation in which there is a wide range of tension in the country. I do not think it is even advantageous to the Islamic population in this time and place for this kind of build. In addition, this involves significant financial challenges, says Vapaavuori.



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