Islamic terrorism Sweden

Swedish police confirm Islamonazi arrested is an Uzbek national…….

How did he get in?

The officials are pathetic, no idea as to why he did it, despite being an ISIS (Islam 101, Post -Hijra compliant Muslim) hence my harsh criticism of them and their elected leaders.

14:08: The police will not say if the suspect had a Swedish residence permit or not. They will also not comment on information circulating about the man having confessed he committed the crime.
When asked whether the suspected ‘failed’ or ‘succeeded’ in carrying out the attack, National Police Chief Dan Eliasson replied:
“We don’t really know what his intentions were, and how many he intended to kill. But he obviously had evil intentions.”

Police confirm suspect is an Uzbek national

A man who was arrested on Friday is thought to be the driver of the truck that crashed into the Åhléns department store, killing four people. He is held by the police suspected of terrorist crime by murder.
  • Four people dead; ten remain in hospital
  • Suspect arrested
  • Sweden’s borders tightened


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