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Sweden: High speed chase at night ends with third Islamonazi ‘Uzbeki’ being arrested for Stockholm massacre……

This was yet another jihad truck ramming atrocity, and no matter how low the Swedish government bows, in will never be low enough to placate these Islamo-barbarians.

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The moment Stockholm police catch the third beer truck ‘terrorist’ after a dramatic high-speed car chase: ‘ISIS-supporting’ Uzbeki father-of-four, 39, is arrested before another suspect is led away in handcuffs

This image shows the second man who was arrested by Swedish terror police late last night in Hjulsta. Witnesses described seeing up to a dozen police cars swoop and arrest the man

  • WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Carnage on streets of Swedish capital left four people dead and 15 more hurt
  • Masked man hijacked a beer truck and ploughed into crowds outside Stockholm’s largest shopping centre
  • Up to three men were seen leaping from the lorry and opening fire on officers and pedestrians at around 3pm
  • Two suspects were filmed being detained at the scene and last night two others were arrested in city suburbs 

This is the moment Swedish police snared a suspected Isis fanatic following a high-speed chase and arrested him in relation to the Stockholm truck attack that saw at least four people killed and 15 injured.


The 39-year-old father-of-four was arrested in the northern suburb of Marsta after going on the run following the attack, reported Swedish newspaper Aftonblat.


The man, believed to be from Uzbekistan, was wearing a balaclava, with broken glass on his clothes. He reportedly confessed to being involved in the atrocity.


Police suspect he was behind the wheel of the truck, although other security sources reported in Swedish media said the driver is still at large.


He had posted Isis propaganda on Facebook and liked pictures of casualties after the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, Aftonblat reported.


A further arrest was made at 11pm last night in the Stockholm suburb of Hjulsta, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen.


Pictures show the second man, who looked younger, being handcuffed and taken away in a police car. According to Swedish television, the two arrested men are linked.


Photographer Janne Akkeson, who witnessed the arrest in Hjulsta, said: ‘There were about 15 police cars at the scene. There was a specialist terrorist SWAT team and sniffer dogs.’

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  1. I imagine the Swedes will nail them hard with a two week curfew. (with halal treats for good behavior, monetary compensation for lost wages based on if they had a job)

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