Swedish media refusing to lift finger in helping police locate migrant serial sexual assailant…….

I doubt seriously that the Swedish media would extend the same ethics towards a neo-nazi if the police were actively seeking out such a person of interest and they (the Swedish media) had knowledge of his/her whereabouts……

I just don’t see how cooperating with the police on the location of a wanted criminal is a violation of journalistic ethics. They’re hypocritical though, we all know that if the editor had information on the whereabouts of a blond neo-nazi currently being sought by the police for the sexual assaults of migrant women, that editor(s) would be beating down the door to the police station screaming the location.

Aftonbladet: “Not our job to cooperate with the police”

Published March 27, 2017 at 22:07
By Mattias Albinsson


MEDIA. Aftonbladet refuse to help the police to get the ”girl groper”, the man who in recent months sexually assaulting several girls and young women in the Stockholm area.  “Our job is to keep an eye on how the police work. Not to cooperate with them,” says editor Sofia Olsson Olsen.

Police have repeatedly in recent weeks appealed to the media and the public for help to get hold of the man who sexually assaulted at least six different girls and women between 15 and 22 years on the buses in the Stockholm area.


But the two newspapers Aftonbladet and Expressen is indifferent and refuses help the authority to obtain the wanted sexförbrytaren. Danish Ekstra Bladet contacted Aftonbladet to ask why.


The Social tabloidens chief editor Sofia Olsson Olsen writes in an email that “the Swedish press operates under a self-regulating pressure ethical system. The rules are there to protect and set limits on what is reasonable and appropriate to publish – and what can not be considered be it “.


The email continues: “The police often have information, photos and video with the suspects, but have not yet arrested or convicted. We seldom publish such material. Police investigations are police thing and not the press. Our job is to keep an eye on how the police working. Not to cooperate with them. “


More here. H/T: Anne Mari Waters

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