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Austria warns its own Turkish minority about traveling to Turkey……..

End dual citizenship, problem solved.

Austria warns Turkish minority of crackdown risk in Turkey

Austria has warned its large Turkish minority about travelling to Turkey after a number were apparently caught up in a crackdown against suspected opponents of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Recently there have been sporadic cases of Austrian citizens being temporarily arrested, held up as well as rejected on arrival (in Turkey),” according to the warning on the Austrian foreign ministry website.


It said that this happened “without there being any known concrete accusations being made by the Turkish authorities. In some cases Turkish authorities analysed mobile phones”.


The travel advice, updated on Wednesday, does not explicitly mention Austria’s 360,000-strong Turkish minority, most of whom have Austrian citizenship.


However it follows a purge in Turkey of suspected opponents of Erdogan in the wake of last July’s failed coup attempt.


According to prominent opposition Austrian lawmaker Peter Pilz, there are at least 10 recent cases of Austrian passport-holders being held on arrival in Turkey for up to 72 hours.


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