Tommy Robinson

(Video) The persecution of Tommy Robinson…….

When you watch this video, try and place yourself in Tommy’s position and look at things through his perspective.

I’ve personally known Tommy over the years, during his time as leader of the EDL, after his leaving it, and presently as he continues to fight against the mindless tomfoolery of the ruling/cultural elite that insists on placating Islamic mores and agendas. If not for the UK’s feckless leaders vis-a-vis Muslim mass immigration, Islam and Islamization, Tommy would be running his tanning salon and refurbishing houses business. He actually is just like you and I, a regular person concerned about his community and society.


NOTE: It’s never been about the color of the ears, but about what passes between them.

“Tommy Robinson is a man who should be knighted but instead is castigated by Britain.”

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