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#GardenofSweden : Foreign gangs are responsible for more than half of all burglaries…….

If not for open borders (Schengen agreement), and for the Swedish police force being decimated, these criminal gangs couldn’t operate with such impunity.

FM: Friatider:

Foreign gangs behind half of burglaries

Published March 28, 2017 at 13:08

DOMESTIC. Foreign gangs may be behind as many as half of domestic burglaries in Sweden. Among certain types of thefts, the figure is even higher. There is a report from the police, writes UNT.

The report, which came last summer but not published to the public until now, police estimate that between 30-50 percent of residential burglaries in the country are done by international criminal networks.


In some categories, such as theft of car parts, engines and farm machinery, they account for more than half of the crimes.


– The foreign gangs are very skillful and difficult to access. They choose villas without transparency and have scouts that warn if someone is coming says a police officer in the intelligence unit working against the gangs who wishes to remain anonymous, to the UNT.


He says that the gangs are very effective and can break into five or ten houses in one go.


The report points to Georgia as a prominent country with many gangs focused right now on Sweden. Police tell of a case in which 60 tons of stolen goods with a value of approximately SEK 100 million was sent from Sweden to Georgia.


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