Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Western Appeasement Western stooges

Finland: Helsingin Sanomat dismisses negatives on importing mass numbers of Muslims into the country…….

Yeah, some may find a job, but how many of these Jew haters embody the very same mentality as those who brutally tore this woman apart for supposedly burning a koran? (She didn’t)

Truth be told, Western aid centered in key safe areas in the region, would have helped far more people, created less economic and societal dislocation, than importing them into the country after they shopped for the best deal  from the welfare smörgåsbord of Europe.

YLE: Refugee integration

Helsingin Sanomat leads with a report from the VATT Institute for Economic Research on the economic effects of the refugee crisis. In 2015 Finland received some 32,000 refugees, and the public discussion has since turned to the economic impact those new arrivals might have.


The debate has polarized somewhat, according to the HS commentary. Those positive towards immigration tend to emphasise the economic benefits of the new wave to an ageing society, while anti-immigration voices say that those benefits will be non-existent if the refugees don’t get jobs.


The report is based on the economic impact of previous arrivals from the same countries as provided the bulk of the recent influx: Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. The picture is not that rosy. Perhaps not surprisingly, people arriving from war-torn countries that provide a lot of refugees do much worse economically than those from more stable places like Turkey, or OECD countries.


Even so, the claim that Finland cannot handle the economic burden is dismissed by HS. The key question, according to analysis by Paavo Teittinen, is how much Finland is willing to spend to save people from death or torture.



Finnish PM Sipilä meets an ‘asylum seeking ‘youth’ in 2015…..


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