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From smiling Kent schoolboy to murdering jihadi: Police release mugshot of Westminster terrorist as schoolfriend reveals popular footballer suffered ‘mild racism’ for being the only black student and was chucked out of a house party for smoking drugs

  • Khalid Masood was born Adrian Elms in Kent and has appalling history of violent crime including stabbings
  • New photographs show him smiling as a Kent schoolboy and his friends say he had no interest in religion
  • He unleashed murderous rampage more than a decade after turning his back on his family and friends
  • In 200 he slashed local cafe owner across the face but claimed he snapped because of racism in his village 
  • Terrorist had two spells in jail where he is believed to have converted to Islam and marries Muslim woman 
  • CV reveals Masood got English teaching job in Saudi Arabia and called himself ‘friendly and approachable’
  • Father-of-three’s marriage failed and he spent years living in a series of terrorist hotbeds across Britain
  • Neighbours in Birmingham describe how Masood was ‘strange’ and stalked streets all in black like a ‘vampire’ 
  • Do you know Khalid Masood/Adrian Elms/Adrian Ajao? Email or call 02036151866

First picture: This is the Westminster ISIS-inspired jihadi Khalid Masood as an adult in a police mugshot released by Scotland Yard as they try to gather information about if he was part of a wider terror cell in BritainThis is the first picture of the Westminster ISIS-inspired jihadi Khalid Masood as an adult in a police mugshot released by Scotland Yard today.

Masood, 52, was a career criminal with a string of convictions for violent crimes and weapons offences who was jailed twice and radicalised behind bars.

The Met released his picture as part of a public appeal for information as officers try to find out if the extremist was acting alone or helped by a wider terror network in Britain.

Today photographs of Masood as a schoolboy in affluent Tunbridge Wells also emerged where he was described as a ‘bright’ student and an outstanding footballer who had no interest in religion and ‘liked to party’.

And it was revealed he blamed racism in his village when he slashed a cafe owner across the face with a knife in 2000 after a night drinking in his local pub.

Masood, 52, was born Adrian Elms in Dartford and went to Huntleys Secondary School in Kent where he was pictured as a teenager in 1980 in the playground and before a 24-hour charity football match.

By then he had taken the name Adrian Ajao, his father Philip’s surname, and is one of at least five identities he used in his life on his pathway to terrorism.

His classmates said today they were shocked he became an ISIS-inspired terrorist who would kill four people and injure 50 on his murderous rampage outside Parliament on Wednesday.

Friend Kenton Till, who was also in the football team photo, told MailOnline his school friend suffered racism for being the only black boy but they fell out after he smoked drugs and he was thrown out of a house party.

He said: ‘We were good friends for about three of four years he was very bright, very academic and he was good sports – good at everything really. He was very good at football.

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