Finland: Lengthy lines for thousands of citizenship and residence seekers, some forced to wait outside……

Check this one out:
Another residence permit applicant, Agro Mehmet, said he arrived at 6.30am. Mehmet is a former student who decided to stay in Finland to work. He needs a permit renewal to continue working.

The guy is clearly an illegal alien, came to Finland on a student visa, he’s no longer a student, yet HE HIMSELF decided to stay in the country and find work. That’s not how it supposed to be done, and in the age of rule of law not meaning a damn thing if political expedience dictates it, he’ll probably get away with it.

NOTE: So all we can do now is to hope that not too many of these new citizens and residents would be happy to be among this throng of pious Afghan Muslims carrying out the decrees of their murderous prophet on this hapless woman.

Thousands in queue for residence permits – up to 300 applicants daily

Applicants for Finnish residence permits are facing lengthy queues following the centralisation of citizenship and resident permit processing at the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri. Customers say that the wait for service is longest in Helsinki, where some people have been forced to wait on the street just to get a number to see an official.


Since Finnish authorities decided to centralise processing of residence permits at Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) offices, customers have found themselves facing long queues and waiting times to have their applications dealt with.


The lines and processing times are reportedly longest in Helsinki, where in recent weeks, dozens of people had to wait on the street just to get a number for official service.


Gillian Ngwane is one of them. She is awaiting a residence permit extension for herself and her daughter. Ngwane told Yle that she arrived at the Finnish Immigration Service’s Helsinki office at 6.00am, two hours before opening time, after finally learning how to beat the system and get a service number to see an immigration official. However her tactic failed to pay off.


“Yesterday I was here for two hours. They came and counted from one to 50. They said that I was number 51 and told me to go home; they had no more queuing numbers. I’ve never seen anything like this,” she added.


Ngwane said that she was not happy standing outside in the rain. But the next time, she got a number.


“I just want to say to them that they should change the system. Maybe they think that it is good for them, but it’s not so good for us.”


More here at hack statist news YLE.


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