Islam in the UK Islamic terrorism Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson at Westminster responds: I know it’s an Islamic terror attack because my head is not up my ass……..

He says it all for me. These so called journalists are a disgrace to their profession.

Journalist: “You’re very quick to label this as a foreign terrorist attack.”


Tommy Robinson: “Because my head is not up my ASS! This is an Islamic Jihad attack! The man that did this would’ve either been radicalized in a prison, or he would’ve been radicalized on the streets of the UK with full knowledge of our government and our security services.”


Journalist: “Do you have information that no one else seems to have?”


Tommy Robinson: “Mate! I have information that shows their was 4 terrorist attacks last week in France. Four in France! There was 12 planned last year! Driving your car like this man has done, is exactly what the Inspire magazine, which is Al-Qaeda’s magazine, which was downloaded by 50,000 British Muslims last year!”


Tommy Robinson: “FIFTY THOUSAND British Muslims downloaded a terrorist manual in our country! Not 10, not 20, FIFTY THOUSAND people who want to see exactly what you see there! That’s what they want! They want war and death and destruction, and we keep on pandering and saying it has nothing to do with Islam!”

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