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Scotland Yard buffoonery: “Westminster attack inspired by international terrorism”……..

Peter McLoughlin‏ on twitter sums it up succintly:
“`International Terrorism`. What? He did it for globalism? for international socialism? for the UN? It was Islam.”

The Scotland Yard police chief is a kook. Enough with these mental midgets, lying to the public as if they can’t see through his boneheaded tripe.

London terror attacker ‘inspired by international terrorism’ in Westminster bloodbath

COPS have confirmed “international terrorism” is assumed to be the motive for the terror attack on London.

Five people – including the attacker – were killed when a 4×4 ran down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge as it raced towards the Houses of Parliament.


At least 40 people were injured in the horrifying attack and police officer Keith Palmer was killed in a knife attack outside the Palace of Westminster.


This evening, Met Police confirmed their prime line of investigation is the motive was one of international terrorism.


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  1. And with his latest declaration, we observe the entire grand history of the Yard becomes indelibly blood stained. The blood of guests to the U.K., the blood of its children, its women, and men smeared across the Yard’s existence by a dhimi who now accepts his new master. As if Lockerbie is now a mere fender bender. Exactly how stupid and blind does he feel the “ordinary” people are? Someone should inquire!

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