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Swedish cop who exposed national narrative on immigrant crime being ‘investigated’ again for incitement…….

The media and own professional colleagues are really out to get this truth telling police officer.

This time it’s for a FB post saying that he wants to “destroy Leftist journalists”, taking this police officer’s terminology literal for political purposes. They’re not fooling anyone. Step outside the official narrative corridor, and you risk losing it all.

From Nyheteridag.se:

Springare: “Everyone understands that I do not want to destroy anyone – Are journalists so afraid of me?”

SWEDEN “It is obvious from the context that it is not literal,” says Springare of criticism after he used the word “destroy” on the left extreme journalists. Now Peter Springare suggests three measures to improve the climate debate and that makes it difficult for the left extreme journalistic activism.


Storm of criticism of Peter Springare has been tough after he used the word “destroy” in a Facebook post. Springare has responded to the criticism in a chronicle  and he also answered some questions from the news today about what he meant.

– It is obvious from the context that it is not literally. I thought it was obvious from the context that I do not want to wipe out anyone in the sense that hurt them, without stopping bad journalistic practices. If it was not clear, I have already explained that I did not want to annihilate anyone.
– Those who continue to assert that I want to “annihilate” anyone, they put words in my mouth and mistakes deliberately.

Could you express what you meant in a different way?

– Obvious. What I want to say is to get out of this destructive agenda that does not add anything, that just spreads concern. I no longer recognize myself in the media to how it used to be before.

But if you want to get rid of extreme left journalists from media aren’t you threatening freedom of expression?

– That is a good question. I talk about these extreme forces. When it goes so far as to suspect that it affects journalism, then you have to speak up.

Springare says he has three suggestions for how the climate debate could be better, something that would hamper the Leftist extremist journalistic activism.

1. Do not give legitimacy to apparent rogue commentators and journalists.
2. Making people aware that there are journalists with an agenda. This in turn puts pressure on newsrooms.
3. Make it easier to pursue libel suit against the spreading of disrespect. Today it is a difficult process to get right, especially against the media, says Knight.


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