Finland: (UPDATE: video) Asylum seeker assaults Finnish municipal candidate, husband defends, media attacks…….

It very well could be a situation in which there was a heated exchange and the Finn felt threatened enough to spray the Muslim settler’s eyes to get out of harm’s way.

Finnish blogger Alastontotuus sends the following:


NOTE: Looks like to me that the guy was warned, and then he lunged yet again at the Finn who was simply protecting himself.

UPDATE: It gets even better! A comment from the Helsingin Sanomat to a story they published on the incident:


“Good grief can’t the HS truthfully report the news??? The entire situation the HS reported on can be seen on video. Everything to the contrary. The asylum seeker attacked a Finnish woman, who’s in fact a municipal candidate, and the woman’s husband defended her. Once again HS, is the truth really that difficult???”

NOTE II: Same goes for YLE and the police department. Also, a colleague notices the ”81” on the guy’s back, looks like he’s also a Hell Angels supporter/or member. Won’t be too hard for the police to pick him up, they’ll be checking out the HA club in the area.

Asylum seeker gassed in Helsinki, perpetrator at large

Police confirmed on Monday that an asylum seeker was attacked on Sunday evening at the ongoing protest at Helsinki Central Railway Station. Police say the assault was preceded by a verbal dispute.


Helsinki police say a 20-something man was attacked with a gas spray at the Central Railway Station after 9 pm on Sunday evening.


Head of investigation Petri Juvonen says the victim is an asylum seeker. Juvonen says that a verbal exchange took place between the migrant protesters and Finnish onlookers, followed by one of the asylum seekers being sprayed in the eyes with an unidentified gas.


Specifically, says Juvonen, the victim and his friends were on their way to a public toilet near the Railway Station protest, but were impeded by a group of “Finnish men”.


The incident has been reported to the police and the perpetrator is suspected of assault. The male attacker has not been apprehended at the time of writing, and police have not ascertained his motive.


The attack was first reported by Helsingin Sanomat.


Asylum seekers have protested against Finnish immigration policy at the Railway Station for several weeks, having constructed makeshift shelters by the nearby ice rink. Anti-immigration protesters have also set up their own smaller counter-demonstration nearby.


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