ISLAMIC STATE Suicide Terrorism

Sky News crew narrowly escapes Islamonazi suicide attack in Mosul Iraq…….

Close call………

Sky News crew cheat death by a split second as ISIS suicide blast goes off next to them on Mosul frontline

  • Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay was at the front of the offensive
  • Cameraman Nathan Hale and security adviser Mike Mawhinney were with him
  • The group ran from sniper fire on the front line of the Iraqi offensive against IS
  • They were forced to shelter inside a vehicle after huge blast on Wednesday

PUBLISHED: 19:06 GMT, 16 March 2017 | UPDATED: 19:35 GMT, 16 March 2017


This is the terrifying moment a British news crew narrowly avoid being killed by a suicide bomb blast as they flee Islamic State sniper fire.


Sky News correspondent Stuart Ramsay was on the front line of the Iraqi offensive against Islamic State in Mosul with cameraman Nathan Hale and security adviser Mike Mawhinney.


The group found shelter in a van just as a huge explosion went off and then had to run for their lives when the area came under heavy fire from IS shooters.


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