#GardenofSweden : Police now going to crack down on violent gangs…….

We shall see…

That means going into migrant areas like the US military in Baghdad during operation Iraqi freedom.

Sweden plans to crack down on gang crime

Nobody should have to live in fear of shootings or gang crime, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told reporters after a meeting with the government’s council on security politics on Thursday morning.

“Common strategies against organized crime are needed. Nobody should have to fear shootings where they live or organized crime,” he said. “Criminals should be worried and sleep poorly at night, not the victims.”


The meeting followed a series of recent incidents in Stockholm believed to be linked to gang crime, which in turn came amid rising concern over shootings in the city of Malmö.


Interior Minister Anders Ygeman, who also spoke at the press conference, vowed that authorities would step up their crime fighting efforts in particularly vulnerable areas.


Asked if his centre-left coalition would allocate more financial resources to the police, Löfven said that he was looking at including it in the spring budget proposition, which is to be presented on April 18th.


Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist and Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin were also called to the meeting on Thursday, along with representatives from the police and prosecutors, tax and debt collection agencies, and the Swedish Economic Crime Authority.


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