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Turkey: Dutch consulate cancels elections results event with Dutch citizens due to security concerns……..


Dutch Consulate in Istanbul Cancels Evening After Elections

A group of Dutch inhabitants of Istanbul were supposed to meet at the Dutch consulate to view the results of the elections.  The Consul General advised those who were expected to come to instead watch the results individually at home. One of the employees said that there are difficulties with the security even though the number of Turkish demonstrators at the Consulate has decreased significantly.


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Consulate Istanbul cancels election night

Today, 13:03Sophie Kluivers

Dutch consulate in Istanbul, the outcome evening for Dutch residents of the city on Wednesday canceled for safety reasons. “There are problems with security,” said an employee of the consulate.

A group of Dutch residents of Istanbul would meet tonight at the consulate, to view the results of the elections. “The Consul General has advised the attendees to watch tonight on your own.”

The peace has now returned around the consulate in Istanbul. “There are at most a few protesters outside the building. But the atmosphere was not as tense as a few days earlier. We can just go out for lunch, “said the employee. “The cancellation of the event we do as a precaution.”


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