Turkey: Edrogan supporters attack Norwegian journalist mistaking him for Dutch…….


Erdogan unleashes his ‘Gray Wolves’….?

Erdoğan Fans Burn French Flag, Attack Norwegian Journalist Mistaking For ‘Dutch’


Meanwhile, an Erdoğanist group has harassed a Norwegian journalist in İstanbul as they mistook him for Dutch journalist. It is reported in Turkish media that a Norwegian journalist was covering a protest of academic Nazife Onay, who demands to return to her job after dismissal with a statutory decree issued by the government under the state of emergency.


First, academic Onay was targeted by an Erdoğan supporter from among those who set up a tent nearby to run a ‘Yes’ campaign for the upcoming referendum. Erdoğan supporter tried to seize the banner Onay unfurled for her protest, which read “We will not allow the AKP fascism to usurp our rights.” Police intervened the scene, removed the assailant from the site and detained the academician.


Erdoğanist group also obstructed journalists covering the incident and attempted to lynch a journalist from Norway mistaking him for a ‘Dutch journalist.’


The mob also attacked female journalists who tried to prevent the lynching attempt. Pro-Erdoğan mob threatened Norwegian journalist by saying “You are working for the Netherlands. I have recorded all of you. You will pay for it.” Turkish police did not intervene the group and just watched as they harassed the journalist.



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