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Germany: Over half million rejected Muslim settler refugees still in the country…….


While not on that scale, tiny Finland still has a number of these illegals, demanding to remain in Finland nonetheless, just because they say so.




Germany’s soft approach on migration causing chaos.


The scale of Germany’s migrant problem has been laid bare with figures showing that more than half a million migrants who have had their asylum applications rejected are still in the country now.


Even Angela Merkel is panicking as 556,499 migrants who should have been deported remain in the country.


It appears that at least half of them will never be deported according to The Times as they have “an unlimited right to stay because they are stateless, will not be accepted back by their home country or have medical reasons why they cannot be deported”.


Merkel has created an absolute mess. The message has gone out that virtually all who can get to Germany can now stay, effectively encouraging even more to now come.


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  1. Merkel won’t be panicking because they are still there; only because bad publicity may obstruct her plans to bring in even more.

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