Fighting Back Islam in Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Children’s skating event in Helsinki canceled due to demos for-against illegal Muslim settlers camp…….


I think people have had enough of the political elites’ jackassery.

Demonstrations cancel skating event at Rautatientori – “All is not always suitable for the eyes of children”

Asylum seekers camp heats up the feelings at Helsinki Railway Square.


Helsinki railway station is scheduled on Saturday for a dozen different types of demonstrations to be organized.
Police expect hundreds of people to the site and also prepare for possible unrest.

Some of the demos are in favor of asylum-seekers and at least one is against them. Among other things, Finnish nationalist group on its Facebook site will put together a crowd demonstrating against asylum seekers in the camp under the title of Cleansing.

Group says on Facebook that the asylum seekers’ camp that been three weeks in Helsinki is to be dismantled.

– If this does not happen, we arrive at the site of the Helsinki Railway Square, and we will tell you our opinion on illegally staying in the country, the group threatened.

The police did not want to analyze it in more detail on Friday, what groups are coming to the scene. According to Helsinki Police Department police chief Lasse Aapion  those demonstrating are addressing “different things”.

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