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Sweden: Police Chief in Rinkeby says “Criminals are laughing at us…….”


And sadly, the rest of the world as well.

Police chief in Rinkeby: “Criminals are laughing at us”

During the past decade, the number of fatal shootings doubled in Sweden. Now the police in Rinkeby call for stricter gun laws, writes SVT Stockholm.


As it looks now, the penalty is not noticeable, says Jörgen Olsson, Deputy Local Police Area Manager in Rinkeby. He seeks among other things, a notorious criminal who was arrested gripping a bar and with both a loaded gun and armor and was released after only five hours.


– The criminals are laughing at society, there will be no consequences for this person. He comes out with a shrug, he says and continues:


– It is far too slow in getting new laws.


Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (S) has said that a bill on tougher penalties for gun crime comes to summer. H/T: 

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