#GardenofSweden : More brawls break out, police find AK47 machine gun…….


This is in addition to the one which broke out yesterday in the country’s center between rival gangs of migrant youths at a school.

Mass brawl breaks out in Sweden – police find AK47 assault rifle

A MASS brawl broke out in Sweden last night as officers found an AK47 assault rifle.


Around 15 people clashed in Fittja, to the south of Stockholm, in a huge fight broken up by police.


Officers found an AK47 assault rifle on a footbridge near the brawl.


Local media say police shut down the metro station to passengers and stopped trains running through the station as they searched the area.


It is thought two men and a gang of 15 youngsters were at the centre of the fighting.


One witness told Aftonbladet the mob chased away two men before the duo came back armed with a gun.


As officers rushed to the scene following reports of a gang fight, witnesses said the two men dumped the rifle and fled the scene.


Towe Hägg, from Stockholm Police, said the force has launched an investigation.


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