Netherlands Wilders

Wilders continues to lead in polls, slams politicians as weak and copycats…….


Like I’ve been saying, the ruling self anointed elite in the Netherlands are merely hoodwinking the public with their all-of-a-sudden awaking to the problems of Islamization. It’s not fooling anyone in great measure.

‘We have ALREADY WON!’ Wilders SLAMS establishment politicians as ‘weak and copycats’

GEERT Wilders resumed campaigning today as his Party for Freedom (PVV) continues to lead in the Dutch polls ahead of the upcoming election.


The PVV leader Geert Wilders branded mainstream politicians “weak” for allowing the “Islamo-fascist” officials from Turkey to campaign in the Netherlands.


In one of his first appearances since a security alert forced him to abandon campaigning, Wilders said establishment parties had been “copying” his anti-EU and anti-migrant policies.


The right-wing populist leader is hoping to become the next Dutch prime minister, with just ten days to go until election day.


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