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Islamonazi murderer of Theo Van Gogh destroy’s prison kitchen after warden petition bitchen…….


Lets just say that Mohammed Bouyeri is not quite ready for daylight yet…..

Murderer of Theo van Gogh destroys Kitchen of High Security Prison

Mohammed B., the radical Muslim who murdered media person  Theo van Gogh in 2004, serves a life sentence in the high security prison in Vught. He has entirely destroyed a kitchen there. He did so after a request of his to speak to the prison manager was refused.


“The 38-year-old  Dutch-Moroccan Muslim extremist  Mohammed Bouyeri became angry when he learned that the perpetrators of the attempted attack on a mosque in Enschede were placed in the same section as two female prisoners – Muslims – who also reside in the terrorist wing.
After a request from B. was rejected from talks to the prison warden, according to a relative of a fellow detainee he struck the kitchen “to smithereens”.”


NOTE: Here’s a story on the mosque attack. I took the below picture when I visited Amsterdam a few years ago, this is the exact spot where Theo Van Gogh was murdered..



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