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Lori Lowenthal Marcus: Is ‘rising tide’ of American antisemitism only a surge in incident reporting……?


I would say, yes.

The recent media attention on attacks on Jewish institutions and symbols only coincides with the incoming administration of Donald Trump. Before that, under Obama, the US lived in complete harmony with itself.

Is the ‘rising tide’ of American anti-Semitism only a surge in incident reporting?

Posted on March 2, 2017

By Lori Lowenthal Marcus/

Dozens of bomb threats have been called into Jewish institutions since early January, and scores of headstones at two Jewish cemeteries—one near St. Louis, the other in Philadelphia— were desecrated in February. But is there actually a rising tide of anti-Semitism in America?


Despite the threats and attacks, positive feelings between different American religious groups are on the rise, as measured in mid-to-late January by the well-respected and non-partisan Pew Foundation. Additionally, far more damaging anti-Semitic incidents took place throughout the preceding decade and a half than the ones garnering attention in recent weeks.


During the past two months, there have been nearly 100 documented acts of anti-Semitism across North America, including at least 90 bomb threats—mostly at Jewish community centers (JCCs)—and the two cemetery attacks.


Running parallel to these anti-Jewish hate crimes has been a groundswell of anger directed at President Donald Trump for allegedly failing to swiftly or sufficiently denounce anti-Semitism. Some critics have labeled the president an anti-Semite and claimed he is responsible for unleashing a wave of religious hatred.


In response, Trump and his spokespeople have been condemning the recent acts of anti-Semitism, using that specific phrase. The president began his speech to Congress Tuesday by calling attention to the “recent threats targeting Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries.”


But is America witnessing a significant uptick in anti-Semitism, or just a surge in the attention paid to, and the reporting of, anti-Semitic incidents?


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